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About D.A.Ranch Estate Vineyards

In 2002, the Petznick family purchased the beautiful D.A.Ranch. We operate one of the oldest privately-owned cattle ranches and agricultural businesses in Arizona, and connect deeply with the cattle-ranching heritage of D.A.Ranch. Our Syrah’s namesake, Gertrude Gates, homesteaded this very land in the year 1910.

This picturesque destination located in Cornville, Arizona, started as a gathering place for the family during the holidays, hot summer days and other family occasions. We quickly noticed the potential in the fertile soil found on the land, and began by planting seven acres of vines around the property.

These original varietals, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Seyval Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, are the basis of our flagship Red Barn Red blend, the beloved Willow White, and the Generations, Gertrude, and Nestor’s Tale Reserves.

In 2008, the first wines were produced and bottled for family and friends. More vines were planted, including Tempranillo and Malvasia Bianca. In 2023, the most recent blocks of vines were planted, including two white varietals, Greco di Tufo and Vermentino.

Over the years, D.A.Ranch wine has developed recognizable characteristics, thanks to the guidance and expertise of our winemaker and business partner, Joe Bechard of Chateau Tumbleweed. Our vineyard manager Elliot Stephens’ meticulous farming style ensures that the single-varietal estate wines offer the best possible expression of the fruit each year.

Today, D.A.Ranch produces over 1,600 cases of wine annually to share with our guests, family and friends. Whether you are new to Arizona wines, or a longtime supporter of D.A.Ranch, there’s a unique story to tell in each and every glass. Come see for yourself and enjoy a nice, long relaxing day at D.A.Ranch with us.

The D.A.Ranch family

From Left to Right: Earl Petznick Jr., Beverly Stewart, David Bray, Alex Bray, Pat Petznick, the late Earl Petznick Sr., and Melinda Petznick.

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